Boise State hosts summit on nuclear energy

Most of the nuclear power of the future will be taken from outside the U.S. | File photo

People attending the "Idaho’s Role in Nuclear: Clean Energy Powered by the Next Generation" summit recently held at Boise State University discussed the various benefits and challenges that the U.S. faces with clean nuclear energy.

Approximately 150 people attended the conference, including leaders in education and the power industry, offering a variety of solutions and views.

Leslie Dewan, the co-founder and CEO of Transatomic, said science is not enough to help the world find a new power generation. In its place, she promoted social, scientific and political support partnerships that will help people overcome any fears and doubts about nuclear power.

Dewan also emphasized that most of the nuclear power of the future will be taken from outside the U.S., where the need is greater.

To use nuclear technology more efficiently, Dewan proposed a new approach that will use spent fuel rods to create new power. With this approach, people can create 72 years of power from 270,000 metric tons of spent nuclear waste.

After Dewan’s keynote address, a panel discussion talked about different challenges including safety, global expansion, innovations, and the disposal of spent fuel.

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