Palm Beach Atlantic hosts historian for talk on Lewis’ 'Mere Christianity'

Palm Beach Atlantic hosts historian for talk on Lewis’ 'Mere Christianity'
Historian Dr. George Marsden recently delivered a talk at Palm Beach Atlantic University on the subject of his latest publication on C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity, in which he outlines why the book continues to engage modern readers.
“It’s selling better today, particularly in the United States, than it sold when it first came out,” Marsden said. “That’s a very unusual life of a book. This book continues to resonate with an awful lot of people, even into the 21st century … Lewis always looks for timeless truths as opposed to the latest discoveries.”
The book is a collection of Lewis’ addresses on BBC radio, given during the 1940s. According to Marsden, its relevancy endures by design, with Lewis taking ancient ideals for his subject as opposed to the scientific breakthroughs his contemporaries favored. Marsden also highlights Lewis’ appeal to imagination while focusing on the core tenants of Christianity.
“Part of the appeal of 'Mere Christianity' is that it’s demanding, and readers find that they’re being challenged to give up their very selves (to a sovereign entity),” Marsden said. “Today, the idea of ‘Mere Christianity’ can give people a sense of their commonality with Christians all over the world.”

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