NCCU research scientist presents on Quantum Dot Systems

NCCU research scientist presents on Quantum Dot Systems | shutterstock
North Carolina Central University (NCCU) research scientist Karen Dvoyan presented an abstract titled "To the Theory of the Analytical Investigation of Quantum Dot Systems with Nontrivial Geometry" at Paul Sharrah Lecture Hall Friday, Nov. 18.

The description of the abstract is as follows:

“We present the results of the theoretical analysis of the electronic and optical properties and exotic states in the quantum dots (QDs), layered QDs and quantum-dot-molecules (QDMs) having non-trivial geometry. We utilize the analytical method of the ‘geometric adiabatic approximation,’ which is based on a significant difference between the nanostructure sizes in different geometric directions. We discuss the energy spectrum configuration and light absorption dependence on the QDs and QDMs geometrical parameters, as well as on the external electrical and magnetic fields intensities when applied. For the QDM consisting of two QDs, the method allows to obtain the analytical dependence of the QDM energy spectrum and the probability of an electron tunneling on the QDs centers' relative distance. For the laterally stacked QDMs with many QD components, we suggest a single confining potential to describe the structures' tunneling properties.”

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