Iowa State's Heindel part of national team to study spray physics

Iowa State's Ted Heindel will research spray physics as part of a Department of Defense project. | Contributed photo

Iowa State University professor of thermal science Ted Heindel is researching spray physics in line with Department of Defense (DOD) projects.

According to the university, research in this area would help to improve operations in 3D printing, liquid cooling and combustion engines. This research is being supported with approximately $1.6 million in grants.

“Jet engines, for example, need dispersed fuel droplets,” Heindel said. “And if a fighter jet is at 30,000 feet, how do you adjust the spray for the right air-fuel mixture to control combustion, reduce emissions and improve efficiency?”

This grant was awarded as part of the DOD’s Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative. The announcement states that the program has awarded approximately $162 million for 23 five-year grants.

Heindel will be working with Cornell associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering Olivier Desjardins; University of Washington professor of mechanical engineering Alberto Aliseda; associate professor of aerospace engineering at the University of Illinois Daniel Bodony; and professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at the University of Florida S. "Bala" Balachandar.

Heindel will be focusing on utilizing X-ray tools to develop 3D representations of spray patterns from a nozzle.  

“We’ll look at fundamental spray characteristics,” Heindel said.

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