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ADELPHI UNIVERSITY: General Education: Designing Workshop to be Held February 26

General Education: Designing Workshop

BERRY COLLEGE: Financial Literacy Team - Budgeting Presentation

The nature of the panel will feature our speaker, Krista Williams, talking to the general audience on the benefits of creating a budget andvalso providing techniques to improve current budgeting techniques used by students.

ADELPHI UNIVERSITY: Leadership, Management and Administration: Understanding the Differences

Leadership, Management and Administration: Understanding the Differences Many people view leadership, management and administration as synonymous, but there are significant differences between them that lead to effectiveness in each practice.

BERRY COLLEGE: Career and Internship Fair to be Held February 20

Interested in learning more about internship and career opportunies that could be perfect for you?

ADELPHI UNIVERSITY: eRecycle Initiative Hits Impressive Milestone

The Office of Information Technology first held eRecycle Day at Adelphi in May of 2014.

BERRY COLLEGE: Gender Worldwide Film Series: Mother of Geoge to be Held February 12

This 2013 Nigerian-American film explores how a Nigerian couple struggle to cope with the stresses on their relationship when they do not have a child after 18 months of marriage.

AMERICAN UNIVERSITY: AU Strengthens Ties to Community by ‘Working with Washington’

American University issued the following announcement on Jan. 28.any of her classmates are contemplating majors, careers, and the college courses they will take in the fall, but Chloe Ifill is already a few steps ahead.

ADELPHI UNIVERSITY: Update on the Novel Coronavirus

Update on the Novel Coronavirus Dear Adelphi Community, Earlier this week, I wrote to you about the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), which first emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan and has since spread.

CLOUD COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE: Farmers, ranchers invited to CCCC basketball game

Farmers, ranchers invited to CCCC basketball game Ag night at the basketball games.

CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY: Research explores MS at college

It's not easy to bring the "invisible" to light, but two researchers at Central Michigan University are doing just that as they learn from the stories of college students with multiple sclerosis.

AUBURN UNIVERSITY: Study finds increasing racism linked to cell aging in African Americans

An Auburn University-led study indicates that racism may result in tolls related to premature biological aging among African Americans.

AUBURN UNIVERSITY: Family Discovery Hike: Hibernation & Brumation to be Held January 14

Join our guides for an educational adventure as you and your children take in the many sights and sounds of the Preserve.